What is Oneness

what is onenessWhat is Oneness? 

There are many different answers to this question.  These range from the interconnectedness of all life, to being One with the universe, to moving beyond duality.  All of them are valid.

In an attempt to answer the question of ‘what is oneness’ myself, I would like to start by saying that in one way every time we experience an expansion in consciousness we are moving towards Oneness.  It is a state of being that we will always be moving towards, no matter where we are at.

More than that though, we experience Oneness when we are at One with God or the Divine.  This is when we are One with pure, radiant Love, and when we have allowed this to fill all of our being.  Furthermore, we are in a state of Oneness when we fully arise into the upper realm of the heart.

I would also like to share that there is a particular stage in the spiritual journey where we move into a more stable state of Oneness, this stage can be seen as the ‘Gateway of Oneness’.

This Gateway occurs many stages after Self Realization, and many stages after experiencing the Fifth Dimension.  The Gateway of Oneness is a momentous stage, and you will be deeply tested before you are able to move through it.  This Gateway is the doorway into the inner realms of the heart.  You will only be able to move through this stage when you truly understand what Love is.

Moving through this Gateway begins with a sense that there are a group of interlocking circles that are within the lower torso.  These look very much like, or perhaps even are, what is known as the Seed of Life.

The Seed of Life is related to the Flower of Life, and is a geometric diagram found on many ancient monuments all around the world.

These circles begin to turn… like the cog wheels of a beautiful antique clock.

What is Oneness

Once they have completed turning, there is an awareness of something growing from the middle of them all.  At first there is the thought that perhaps this might be a flower.

But then it is realised that it is something much bigger than that.  It is a tree.  A huge, absolutely magnificent tree.

A tree that grows and grows, spreading out its resplendent branches and leaves.

You are This.  You are the Tree of Life.  A majestic tree sprung from the Seed of Life.

Please rest in This.  Take rest within the magnificent beauty of these leaves, boughs, bark and root.  Take rest in this protective support, deep rootedness, and soothing warmth.  Take rest within the glorious, eternal tree that is within the wondrous garden of your heart.

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