The Warmth of the Heart

The Warmth of the Heart

There are many different teachings and guidances available to those who are seeking.  So many that at times it can be confusing and overwhelming, even for those who have been on an inner journey for some time.

I wish to share what took me until moving through the Gateway of Oneness to really understand.  That is, that in the end the only teaching, the only vibration that really matters, is the soothing warmth of the heart.  This holds true no matter who you are, and where you are at.

I have written some articles outlining the process of awakening (please see Self Realization, and the Fifth Dimension).  These were written in the spirit of helping to bring some clarity to the mind.  However, it is also important to not get too caught up in these stages.  To not judge where you might be within this process.

This is because when I moved through the Gateway of Oneness I came to deeply understand that the transformative warmth of the heart is what matters far more than awakening and all the various stages that have been spoken about throughout the ages.

Indeed you cannot move into Oneness without understanding and knowing that everything rests upon being within the warm and expansive space of the heart.  It took me a long time, with many twists and turns to discover and hold onto this simple and eternal truth.

There are all sorts of mysteries and wonders to be discovered within.  Yet it is being within the supportive warmth of the heart that surpasses and transcends every and any level of consciousness.

The warmth of the heart is Love.  It is Divine Love, it is Unconditional Love.

Love Love Love, God God God

– Robert Adams

Many of us get confused by the word ‘love’.  So much so that to a certain extent we don’t entirely know what it is.  So at times I prefer to call love, the warm heart.  Especially as this is what it feels like, and the more we can allow ourself to feel into something, the more we are going directly to the experience, rather than interpreting or analysing through various filters.

The warm heart feels like being wrapped up within a cushion of softness and warmth.  It is a warmth that opens up the upper realms of your heart and pours out, softening everything within.  Bathing you with a sense of tenderness that fills every longing, and bringing all of you into deep peace.

We can connect to this warmth, to this love at any stage, we simply only need let ourself.

Many of us though don’t know how to get to this space.  There have been so many hurts and misunderstandings that we have shut a good deal of this down.  Or we access this space for a while and can’t maintain it.  Or we start exploring avenues that seem more interesting, more magnetic and compelling.  All in all the warm heart starts to become a distant memory.

So, how do we get to this space?  Processing emotions and gently enquiring within of anything that was restless is what helped me the most.  By being present within we notice if there is anything that needs your soothing, magnanimous presence.  We don’t shun it, or ignore it, or attempt to intellectualize or judge it.  Instead we communicate with it.  We allow ourself to feel it, all of it.  Every. single. particle. of. it.  We pour our warm attention onto it.

Once I was able to do this, I became more and more willing to surrender to the Divine, to God.

Surrender is an important part of the journey.  Though many of us simply are not able to do this.  Some are.  Most find it difficult as there are many perfectly reasonable fears held of being mislead, fears of giving up control to a force that will ultimately harm us.  In my journey there were many times when I didn’t know what to surrender myself to, and what to protect myself from.  For myself it took until moving through the Gateway of Oneness to really discern what was true, and what was not.

When I was able to surrender I became more and more able to ask for help with anything that was keeping me from being within the warm, eternal embrace of the heart.  More and more able to connect to and sit within Love and this endless embrace.  An embrace of loving warmth that is always there for you, always available for you.  Welcoming you Home.

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