True Spiritual Light

How do we discern false spiritual light from true light?

True spiritual light will heal you, fill you with love, and connect you to God or the Divine.

In our journey of seeking light, clarity, healing and love, we can misinterpret what true light is, and what it feels like.  We may come across what could be called ‘false light’.  False spiritual light simply seems like ‘light’.  So much so that naturally there is an assumption that we have found what we were looking for, it seems so self-evident that we may not even question it.

False light can initially seem very clear and bright.  However false light is so radiant that the more we look at it, or the more we bask within its field, the more harsh it begins to feel.

The energy of false light is cool.  Removed, detached even.  There can also be a sense of brittleness, or fragility to it.  It seems beautiful and powerful, but glass-like and easily shattered.

False light has something very magnetic, even addictive about it.  It is intoxicating.  It keeps beckoning us on, luring us towards it.  False light may give the impression that it contains a deep secret or profound mystery that will be revealed over time.  That through it we are granted access to something special that is only a select few are privy to.

We may find ourself needing to be filled up with this sense of light over and over again, as though we can’t get enough of it.

As it pulls us towards it, we fear that we will never be as pure and light as it.  That we are beneath it, impure.  That no matter how hard we try, how much we ‘work on’ ourself we will simply never be good enough.  The secret, the mystery will never be granted to us.

After endlessly trying and not feeling good enough, we may finally turn away, question what is going on, and look elsewhere.  This is when we begin to discern what true spiritual light is.

True Light

True light is soft, welcoming, beautiful.  It makes us feel safe, protected.  It is warm and accepting.  There is never anything judgemental about it.  It is like our very best friend.  A friend who is simply there for us, quietly by our side.  Waiting for us to simply turn and notice that they are there.

There is often a golden or pinky red tint to true light.  It doesn’t pull us forward, but very much extends an exquisite hand of light that lifts us up.  As it lifts us up, it fills us up.  True light heals us at a deep level by sharing and lightening our burdens and soothing our wounds.

The softness of true light doesn’t mean that it is in any way weak.  Or that it won’t share some uncomfortable truths.  True light is deeply resilient and will definitely share when something isn’t right for you.  It will illuminate in ways that can be uncomfortable, letting you know when you have been misguided.  Yet ultimately you will be pointed in a slightly new direction, one that fully supports you and brings out the best in you.

True light is simple, direct, uncomplicated.  It can come from sources that appear crude at times, plain spoken.  Indeed true light can seem a little dark, dangerous even.  This is partly because true light is so much softer and warmer than false light it appears dark in comparison to its false brilliance.

We may do everything in our power to resist true light.  Why?  Because true light comes from love, and how scary is love when our experience of it has only been negative or deeply painful?

True light, true love, brings up all of our most deeply held fears of not being worthy of unconditional love, of not being ready for such love.  Such deep understanding and abiding acceptance takes our breath away at first.  But then becomes all that we could ever want or need in every part of our life.

True light is like a beautiful lantern at night, quietly glowing in the dark, there to softly illuminate your way Home.

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