Terms and Conditions

When you register for an event, purchase a product or a service, you are agreeing that you have read the following Terms & Conditions and that you agree to the Disclaimer and Liability Waiver, Cancellation Policy and all other terms and conditions.


All services offered are purely for the purpose of remembering who you are.  Private sessions, audio products, events and so on, are made available simply to aid you in this journey.  Everything on offer and all processes are purely energetic and internal.  Please remember that genuine spiritual progress follows its own unique time frame and path, and as such cannot be controlled or predetermined.

The spiritual outlook offered here is not a physical or medical treatment, nor should be viewed as such.  Andrea is not a medical professional or counsellor.  None of the information or advice offered here should be seen as a replacement for professional treatment.  Those with any kind of medical condition, whether it be physical or psychological, are advised to seek professionals in these areas to assist them further.

Liability Disclaimer

In viewing this website, and/or in using any of the products and services, and/or in attending any of the events, you agree to release Andrea from all liability relating to any injuries that may occur from any and all use of information provided, products, services, and event participation.  You agree to hold Andrea entirely free from any liability, including injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

You agree to any physical, psychological, or emotional risks involved in entering a deep meditative state, and any risks inherent in the process of removing spiritual blocks.  These risks may include, but are not limited to: disorientation; inability to focus or think in a manner familiar to you; physical detox symptoms; physical aches and pains; increased emotional outbursts and volatility; increased sensitivity; painful memories resurfacing; and any other ill-defined yet powerful spiritual processes and effects.

It is strongly recommended that NO AUDIO products ever be listened to whilst DRIVING or undertaking any kind of activity that requires concentration and precision.  It is recommended that all products and services be accessed when in a quiet and private space.

You agree to and understand that you are participating voluntarily, and that potential risks have been made clear to you.  Your access and use of the site and all products and services herein is undertaken at your own risk.  You are responsible for assessing your own physical, psychological and emotional limitations, and to take any necessary steps to limit your risk.  Additionally, you are to ensure that you do not have any conditions, physical or psychological, that will increase your likelihood of experiencing injuries or risks whilst engaging in this activity.

By registering for any event, product or service you confirm that you have read the above, and you forfeit all right to bring a suit against Andrea for any reason, and this extends to any incidental or consequential damages incurred as a direct or indirect result from your actions.  In return Andrea will make every reasonable effort to make these risks known to you.

Cancellation Policy

Digital Products and Online Events

All sales are final, no refunds are available.
Please read and review the product details carefully before purchasing.
Online Events – You will be sent a live link to a forthcoming event once you have purchased it.  For this reason a refund will not be possible as the link will still be up-to-date even if you change your mind.

Personal Sessions

A cancellation fee of $25 USD will apply for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to Andrea.

No information will ever be shared with any other sources or individuals.

The site uses Google Analytics purely to assess the functionality of the website.  None of this information is passed on.

Recording Devices

Recording devices are not to be used during any in-person event.  All attendees privacy is to be respected.