Processing Shadow

Processing Shadow

Saturday 18th July, 10 – 12+, ONLINE

It is important to take the time to process our shadow and any blind spots we may have.  In this way we can start to welcome whatever is in the unconscious, and use it as an opportunity for transmuting all the old, dark stuff in the pure gold that it really is.

In my journey it wasn’t enough to meditate, I needed to sit with various emotional states, and begin the process of dissolving my ‘false self’.  We do this by developing a strong and deeply compassionate witness.  By actively being the sage within.

In this monthly 2+ hour class we will be processing shadow, sharing tools and methods,  and use it as an opportunity for discussion of deeper spiritual topics and questions.

We will meditate, do an exercise together, and discuss anything that arises.


Time: 10 – 12+

Date: 18th July

Topic: Dissolving Judgement

This month we will spend time Dissolving Judgement.  As a continuation of developing the Compassionate Witness it is important to discern when we are falling into Judgement, rather than being a Compassionate Presence.

We will also be touching on the difference between overwhelming judgement and discernment.

You will need pen and paper.

To attend please go HERE.