Processing Emotions

Processing Emotions to Reach Higher States of Being

How do we reach higher states of consciousness, or more expansive states of Being?  There are so many different tools, methodologies, teachings and traditions available.  Some are new, most are ancient.  Each with merit, and all of them useful in some way.

What helped me the most was simply to be softly present within.  To always honour anything that was coming forward in consciousness.  This means always honouring You.  Always honouring your mind, your body, and any strong emotions present.

When we deeply honour something we are genuinely listening and paying attention.  We would never judge.  Instead, we welcome it.

In doing this we inwardly welcome all that we normally push away.  All that we try to ignore, deny, or hide from.  It means welcoming strong emotions such as anger, shame, guilt, sadness.  Being ok with their present, and welcoming whatever it is that is trying to communicate or express itself to you.

We begin by simply noticing.  But not a cold, dispassionate noticing.  Not the kind of noticing that wishes to dissect, probe, analyse.  But a friendly, open awareness.

When we notice that we are greatly triggered by something, a particular circumstance or individual, we find a quiet moment to actually be with it.

We start by finding where it lives in the body, what that particular vibration feels like.  So for example, if you are unsettled strongly by something you may discover that it is mostly present in your solar plexus.  This could be accompanied with a particular posture in the body or expression on the face.  Whatever it is, allow all of it to fully expand.  Try to feel every single particle of it.

When you are fully present with a particular thought, the body itself, or a strong emotion, you are being a witness to it.  Not a Judge, but a sympathetic loving presence.  You are deeply listening, simply noticing any subtle or strong shifts in whatever is coming forward.  You are as accepting of a rush or anger or despair, as you are in noticing how uncomfortable the body might be in a certain spot, or how much the mind wishes to tell you what to do.

Honour that it is coming forward in the first place.  Honour every bit of information that is given to you.  Honour all the changes it may cycle through before finally releasing.  Honour that the conglomerate of emotions and thought coming forward are to be heard by You, and you alone.

Thank anything that presents itself to you.  We bow to it as the greater teacher that it is.  It is your soft attention, patience, and love that is being called forth, and which will bring it to rest.  Not someone else’s.

Be LOVE within

Although this sounds easy enough, the initial instinct might be to push it away, or to narrate what is happening to an invisible audience rather than actually be with it.  Narrating it, ie. “and then this happened, and I should have done this…” isn’t all that helpful.  We want to feel it.  All of it, uncensored and without reprimand.  Without belittling, or dismissing what comes up.

We welcome all the unsettled parts within, and to them bestow our graceful loving presence.  We patiently listen to and be with all the strong emotions, all the doubts, and all the reluctant confessions and awareness that begin to come forward and be revealed.

As all of these old emotions, thought patterns and defences are truly seen and heard by You, they will release and relax.  Moving into higher states of consciousness will unfold naturally as you do this.  Emotions and old memories are stored in every cell of your body.  Over time you, your mind, and your body, will become less dense, more present and full of soft radiant light and love.

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