Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions with Andrea

Personal sessions with Andrea are an opportunity to ‘sit with’ someone who has moved into Oneness.  For her, Oneness is when you are at one in your heart with God, or the Divine.

Andrea can help you in any area of your life by connecting you to Divine Wisdom and Love.

During the awakening process many of her filters dropped, she is able to feel and see various energies in your field, and can access greater divine wisdom.  She is able to sense blockages within your energetic field, and help you to remove anything that no longer serves you.  She can also help you to connect to new frequencies so that you can move forward with ease and grace.

Andrea always asks for God-Love, or the Divine, to come in and assist her.  She also asks for the archangels, and all of your guides to come in.  This is so that all is in alignment and the entire process is protected by beings of light and love.

Personal sessions are conducted over Zoom and are $200 AUD for 60 mins, or $270 AU for 90 mins.  Simply choose either the 60 or 90min session links below.  She will get in touch after payment is complete to organise a time.


Please note: All items to purchase through the website are in Australian dollars.

For Zoom Sessions