Meditation and Satsang Caulfield

Meditation and Satsang

Meditation & Satsang: Awakening to Oneness

This class is every Saturday at 10am

Most weeks this is a Meditation Class. Once a month we will be Processing Shadow

Meditation Class

Time: Saturday 10 – 11.15 am

Charge: $20 – $30. Please pay as you wish.

Due to the Corona Virus we will be connecting via Webinar.

This is a weekly Saturday morning meditation class via Webinar

PLEASE NOTE: Once a month this class will be 2 hours long, and we will process shadows and polarities together: Processing Shadow.  For dates please see below.

‘Satsang’ means gathering.  This is an opportunity for all those who wish to sit within the illuminated beauty of our true nature as infinite love and beauty.

We will begin with a guided meditation and then allow time for whatever needs to unfold to do so.

There is a guided meditation, which is essentially a transmission.  This is fairly long, though many feel that time passes very quickly!

There is then time for you to slowly come out of the meditative state, and share anything at all that you wish to.  You may have questions, wish to seek clarity, share what has arisen, or you may wish to be silent.  Anything at all is welcome!

The more we are able to be gently present with anything that arises in consciousness, the more everything within is able to come to rest.

I would be delighted to sit with you!

Dates, Saturdays 10 – 11.15 am:

25th April

To attend please get in touch, and you will be sent the webinar link.

Suggested charge is $20-$30