1st of 3 part series


Processing Shadow – Upcoming 3 Part Monthly Series

A three part series on Processing Shadow.

It is important to have a number of processing tools at your disposal, so that you can recognise and dissolve any blocks you may have.  This series will help you to process any blocks you have as they arise in your daily life.  It will give you the tools for enquiring within and understanding how the universe brings you lessons to learn.  The series will be useful for those who already have processing tools, but wish for some clarity.  As well as those who are new to processing and wish to start identifying their blocks and patterns.  In this series Andrea is sharing the tools that worked for her in her journey.  And more than that, each topic is one that Spirit specifically wishes for Andrea to teach and share.

For the first event in this series, the topic will be ‘Understanding the Mirror Concept’.

The second event will be on ‘Understanding Polarities’.

The third event will be on ‘Connecting with Shadow Parts Within’.

Full details are to be announced.