June 6th, 20th, 27th


Qi Crystals
10 – 11.15 am

13th June


Qi Crystals
10 – 12 am

Online Monthly Topics – ON HOLD

Each month there are online guided meditations and transmissions on a particular topic.

These events are an opportunity to go into more depth on an important area of our wellbeing.  By allowing time to deeply relax into whatever needs to unfold, and by taking the time to explore the numerous facets of a particular topic, the more that profound shifts can come about.

These events and the topics themselves are entirely guided by Spirit.  As such they will vary in scope, focus and approach according to whatever is coming forward in the moment.  The emphasis will be on becoming as expanded as possible, thus allowing for deep releasing and personal insight.

Throughout the entire event Andrea is guided to connect to particular energies.  Andrea never decides through her own choice or personal will to connect to anything outside of what she is shown, and what is literally occurring on an energetic level.  Because of this all involved are always protected, and energetic doorways are opened up for us that are not normally available.

Andrea is able to directly ‘tap into’ you during an event.  Even if you are not able to physically make the time, once you have committed to attend a part of you ‘shows up’.  This part, essentially the ‘Higher Self’, is what Andrea works with directly.

If you have specific questions about a topic please feel free to send in questions prior to the event and they can be addressed during the call.  There will not be an opportunity to ask questions or comment afterwards as it is more important for you to sit with the energy for a few days.  Please note that you may experience some purging 2-3 days afterwards.

The event will last for 1 hour, 20mins, sometimes longer depending on what unfolds for us.

Some of these will be made available after the date on the Audio Page