Audio Downloads

Audio recordings of previous events are periodically made available to download.  These are help you in the process of awakening to your Divine Self.

Each audio is essentially a transmission, where Andrea is guided to bring in particular frequencies and then help you to connect to that energy.  We also spend time helping you to disconnect from anything that no longer serves you.  It is through the removal of old misperceptions, misunderstandings, and densities that we truly Lighten up.  When we lighten up we are then able to re-embody our Divine Self.

Topics include: Martyrdom and Sacrifice, Inner Beauty, Family Lineage, Being At Home in the World, Opening to Receive, and many more!

At present the audio on ‘The Armour of God’ is the most important energy for you to connect with.  This is an energetic protection that will help you in these accelerated times.

Each of these are $20 US and go for approx 1hr, 10-20mins

There are also some that are completely FREE for you!

Please note that for all the audio recordings the energy is very expansive, and it will be the same as having listened to it ‘live’.


Free Audio