Remembering Who You Are

For those who seek to awaken to the truth of who we really are.  Remembering, and physically re-embodying this truth has never been more accessible for those who feel called.

The journey of remembering who you are, and All That Is, is one unlike any other.  It is a journey from duality and egoic separation, back to the Oneness of the open heart.

The heart is a precious jewel, it is that which is most precious.  Inside the heart are universes upon universes.  All the stars and all the planets are to be found here.

It is the innermost sanctuary of the heart that holds the greatest beauty, for it is a realm of love.

We are radiant light and pure presence made manifest through a body.  We are here to remember the wisdom of the heart, and allow its soothing warmth to be our eternal guide.

Andrea is a guide and mentor for those who are on the spiritual path, as well as for those who wish to move blocks so that they can experience greater joy, peace, and happiness in their life.

Andrea has experienced many stages of awakening, from samadhi states to chakra openings.  She is able to help others in this process, and helps to illuminate some of the deeper patterns that are playing out in their life.

She can help you with meditation practice,  identifying shadow and blocks so that you begin to clear your ego, and help you to understand some of the deeper spiritual truths we all are here to learn.

The great joy to be found on the spiritual path is that there are always new ways of becoming a fuller expression of the God-Love that is within.  The path of Being truly is unending.

Giving Thanks

This short guided meditation is on Giving Thanks.  Sending our thanks and being grateful for simple things is a beautiful way to bring you into a lighter and more loving state of being.