Remembering Who You Are

For those who seek to awaken to the truth of who we really are.  Remembering, and physically re-embodying this truth has never been more accessible for those who feel called.

The journey of remembering who you are, and All That Is, is one unlike any other.  It is a journey from duality and egoic separation, back to the Oneness of the open heart and mind.

We are radiant light and pure presence made manifest through a body.  We are here to remember the wisdom of the heart, and allow its soothing warmth to be our eternal guide.

Andrea has experienced numerous stages of awakening, such as samadhi states and heart chakra openings.

She is here to help you connect with the deep love and presence that is within.

She can help you find ways to still your mind through meditation and prayer.  As well as help you to connect with your heart by clearing any emotional blocks.  This is the path of one heart, one mind.

She always connects with the Essene Master, the Lord Jesus.  His divine presence is essential to anything she does.

Oneness, for her, is being at one in the heart with God, or Yah.

God is love, love is God.

Giving Thanks

This short guided meditation is on Giving Thanks.  Sending our thanks and being grateful for simple things is a beautiful way to bring you into a lighter and more loving state of being.