Helping you to ascend into the Illuminated Heart


Helping you to ascend into the Illuminated Heart

and awaken to your Divine Self

We are here to journey from duality and separation, back up into the Oneness of the Open Heart.

We are divine beings of pure radiant light, and love.

We are here to remember the wisdom of the heart, and allow its soothing warmth be our eternal guide.

Divine Mind

Divine Heart

Being.  Consciousness.  Bliss.  Sat Chit Ananda.

Be present within

Be love within



Private sessions to help you in any area of your life.


Processing Shadow

Upcoming Event

3 Part Workshop on Processing Shadow

Beginning in May there will be a three part workshop helping you to identify and process shadow.

The first workshop will be on the Mirror Concept.  In spiritual practice the mirror concept is the notion that the universe around you is a reflection of you. That I am another You.

Further details are to be announced.

Guided Meditations

Sending Love

In this guided meditation we will be sending love to others.

Acting as a conduit or lighthouse of energy, is part of our true function.

Bringing Heaven onto Earth

In this guided meditation we will be helping to bring the frequency of heaven onto earth.

Please join me in connecting to this special vibration.


Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences share so many interesting insight into our journey here.  The main one being we are here to understand and develop love.

Warmth of the Heart

The warm embrace of the heart is the only thing that really matters, no matter who you are and where you are at.