Crystal Healing Bed in Melbourne

Andrea has been guided to work with a Crystal Light Bed.  The Crystal Bed was developed as a healing device to help those who wish to access deeper healing from angelic presences.

Crystal Light Bed

This healing tool is not actually a bed, but a stand with a row of seven beautiful clear vogel cut crystals.  As you lie relaxing below the crystals, they light up in a sequence.  The lights correspond to each of the chakra colours, with red at the base and violet at the crown.  As the lights bathe you in alternating colour, the crystals bring your energetic body back into a harmonious state.

The device also acts as a portal for Beings of Light who are here to assist you in any way they can.  They will infuse your essence with love and bring about any healing that you need.

Many have experienced profound healing by these Beings of Light.

Everything in our world is infused with energy, from inanimate objects, to plants, to animals and humans.  Everything is a conduit for energy.

During her awakening process Andrea became very attuned to different energies and frequencies.  As her filters are less dense than most people’s, she can sense these energies and how they can help.  It is very important to her that she only connect you to energies that will be to your benefit.  She wishes to reassure you that the energy that comes through the Crystal Bed comes from a deeply healing place.

What to Expect

During a session with the Crystal Bed you will lie fully clothed under the row of crystals.  Some experience a sense of warmth in their heart area.  Others become deeply relaxed.  Once the time under the lights has ended many feel refreshed and they physically look happier.

Some experience help with physical aliments.  There are reports of physical healings that are not easily explainable.  However, as always it is best to not expect too much.

Others experience shifts in their purpose, and help with old negative energies being removed or core issues finally being resolved.

Many also experience a sense of being slightly taller after a session.  This is your energetic body becoming bigger and more expansive, and of You rising up within yourself to your true height and place within your Being.

The energies present are subtle, yet very powerful.  So even those who are not as sensitive to energies are able to feel and access all of this for themselves.

Her understanding is that the Crystal Bed also acts as an amplifier of sorts.  The Beings of Light that work with the bed help to remove dense energies quickly and easily.

Andrea will remain with you during your time under the Crystal Bed.  This is to ensure that only beneficial energies come through, and to also gently let you know certain aspects that the Beings of Light are ‘working on’.  As you will naturally have your own perceptions, intuitions and understandings she will keep these sharings to a minimum.  However where it is relevant to your continued healing she may share what is occurring in your energetic field for you.

Please note that as Andrea, and the Crystal Bed works with core issues some may experience a degree of purging and tiredness afterwards.  Drinking adequate amounts of pure water as well as an epsom salt bath can help during this time.

Crystal Bed Melbourne

Personal Sessions, South Caulfield Melbourne

If you would like to experience the Crystal Bed, Andrea is available for personal appointments at Qi Crystals.

Qi Crystals is at: 743 – 745 Glenhuntly Road, South Caulfield, in Melbourne Australia.

It is best to schedule one hour or more for a personal session with the Crystal Bed.  This allows time for sharing whatever needs to be, for Andrea to do any energetic work needed, and time for being under the bed itself.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a time.

Please note that unfortunately portable eftpos facilities are not available at this time, however there is a cash-point machine nearby.

Remote Healing

Andrea can also ask the Beings who work with the Crystal Bed, to visit you remotely if you are not able to come in person.  She simply connects with the entities and asks them to come to you.

If you would like to book a Personal Session with Andrea via Skype please go HERE.